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Cattle in Pasture

Simplifying Renewable Natural Gas Production

Our expert team at Dairy BC develops, builds, owns, operates, and maintains your dairies on-site renewable natural gas plant.  We provide 100% transparency, require zero capital investment, and pay you based on top-line, gross revenue production. You focus on milking cows and we focus on gas production.

Our Services

Benefits to your Family Dairy

Our mission is to help you maximize the value of your family’s dairy

Building your Legacy

Our true desire is to help you continue doing what you love!

Financial Flexibility

With no capital investment, you can add an additional 30-50% or more to your bottom-line income.

Efficient Development

We can help you build your RNG plant within 18-24 months of signing up with Dairy BC).

Our Process

Cattle in Pasture
  1. Establish Pipeline Access

  2. Design Facility

  3. Secure Gas Marketing Contract

  4. Build Facility

  5. Perform Ongoing O&M

Our Values

"Nothing works unless you do"

John Wooden

Ready to get started?

You and your family built your dairy business over several generations. Now that the manure has value, you deserve to realize its worth today, without the investment of time and capital.

Use the form below to contact us and find out how to get started.

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